Gallery Visits

  • The name of the show was Inner Balance on March 2, 2019. At Gallery 901 Sherman  Ave. Easton, Illinois. The show was put on to inspire other artists and show family and friends of the artists what they have worked on. They were also selling pieces too.

  • I thought the overall show was nice. There were a variety of pieces from textured painting, photograph, sculptures, and clothing. The artists had different styles, but they flowed together, making the whole show fit really well. The show was held in a room that was really small for all the artwork that was shown and all the people that showed up. I really liked the show overall and thought many of the pieces were interesting.

  • My favorite piece was a black and white photo with legs sticking out of a window with fishnet leggings and combat boots. The overall picture was aesthetically pleasing and was well lit and edited.

  • The name of the show was the Creative Arts Art Show at 400 Highland Ave, Crystal Lake, IL. It was on April 26-27th 2019 and was put on by the teachers of the art classes I take. The purpose was to show parents and loved ones of the people taking the class what they have been doing for the past few weeks; anyone who took classes was allowed to put a few pieces in. 

  • I thought the show was really interesting because they had a variety of art there. They had adult oil paintings, Fashion, Cosplay, kid doodles, and digital art made with Photoshop or Illustrator. They displayed the art in the different parts of the house, mostly where the classes take place. This made it easy to find different art because of how it was organized. It really showed the variety of art classes they provide and the different levels of talent that had there.

  • My favorite piece was a digital picture that had line art of a girl with their har in a braid in different action poses. The coloring was interesting because it had blocks of bright colors in the background. I've never seen something like that before and I thought it was really cute. 

  • The show was called the Young Artist Show at the Rockford Art Museum on March 3rd 2019. The show was full of art from high school students around the area. It included photography, graphics, fashion, 2D, and 3D pieces.

  • I liked the layout of the show because there were pieces that were similar closer together. That made the show flow when you walked around seeing one style turn into another. I liked the variety the show had too, showing off the varying art that can be made. They’re we very detailed and realistic portraits but they also had less realistic art. I thought that was a good choice.

  • A piece I really liked was a 3D model of hair made out of paper. The hair was curled and had many layer and looked really complex. It was placed on a white manikin head and the whole piece really stood out to me.